Supporting More Rectangular Fields in Wicomico County

The West Metro Core Master Plan

Last night Wicomico County held presented their master plan concept. There are soccer fields, however,

as you can seen in the image (full image at bottom), they are not dedicated. The current park proposal includes multi-purpose fields that serve both baseball and soccer. The plan does include lights. However, we believe that our soccer community deserves dedicated soccer fields, not just makeshift arrangements on baseball diamonds.

soccer fields
Dedicated soccer fields are constructed to be ideal for any sport played on a rectangular field. They drain to prevent field damage, usually have fencing between fields, and have lighting that is evenly distributed across the whole field. None of which are possible on shared fields.

Having dedicated soccer fields will not only provide a better playing experience for our young athletes,

but it will also promote the growth of soccer in our community. [Related: How New Soccer Fields Could Benefit Sharptown] Access to proper fields with lighting and seating will make it easier for families to participate in and enjoy the sport.

We understand that there are many competing interests when it comes to allocating resources for recreational facilities. However, we strongly believe that the benefits of dedicated soccer fields outweigh the costs, especially considering the rising popularity of soccer among our youth. Additionally, the county already has multiple parks and athletic complexes dedicated solely to Baseball/Softball. A dozen or more of those located within five miles of this park.

Your support is crucial in making this happen. We urge you to use the link provided to give your feedback to the county, emphasizing the need for dedicated soccer fields in the new park development. Your voice matters, and together, we can make a difference for the future of soccer in our community.

Please follow this link to provide your feedback directly to Wicomico County:

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